About Us

bioBob enviro ester sponges are skin soft, Gaia conscious and hand-crafted in Canada with the highest quality since 1963. Our constantly evolving line of soap & time saving products are guaranteed for at least one year and can be disposed of directly in potting soil. They have a bio-cycle© that that returns all the raw materials we use back to the earth they came from - in a totally bio reusable© format! Furthermore, instead of falling apart bioBob's actually improve with use and time. Our exclusive micro-pore© structure cleans deeply but gently and, unlike wood based sponges they do not get stiff when dry or smelly from the fungus and bacteria that like to grow on wood cellulose fibers. Try yours today!

Find out more about the history bioBob enviro-ester sponges and our values and principles in this short tell-all video featuring our owner Telbisz van Dierendonck.

MeHi made this video of our factory for your entertainment - please reward his artistry by subscribing to his channel on the link below - even if you aren't a nomad.

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