Termini e condizioni del servizio

My parents were all about customer service, at 61, I am still following the honourable way of doing business that my mother instilled. My father was all about delivering on time, he might be a bit disappointed in me these days, although he never did actually work in production, my mother met him by hiring him as a sales rep for her import business which included Dutch Books and the original LOLA brushes back in the 1950s. That is how she found the original enviro-ester, yes my name for our unique, double-blown polyester formulation and production method. (I invented the word "enviro-ester" or "enviroester" because of the unique biocycle (another word I am pretty sure I can take credit for) because my mother did not have a degree in Chemistry, rather a Doctorate in Agronomy as a teenager I dreamed of making enough of our foam to the shred it up and turn the Sahara desert green, but alas the board foot price of production prevents that idea from happening. Getting back to privacy, yours will always be respected, but just like money, I don't need any, as on June the 6th of 2021 the last of my foibles was revealed to me while I was once again putting in my 18 hous.r Balthazaar van Dierendonck                                                Port Said, Egypt  1920 ~ 2008  Győrgyi (óbesenyői) Telbisz                      Temesvar (pre-Rumania) Hungary 1919 ~ 2011 Want to disagree? One does not learn anything from those that agree with us ` feel free to call me and dispute anything I have written today or anytime during my six decades on this planet.                   J'adore me coucher moins con chaque soir!