Shipping policy

We ship when I can get across the border, since I am classified as a truck/delivery driver, not only do I get cheaper hotel/motel rates in Canada, just figured that out discount on the last day of a 6 day odyssey in June, of 2021 (also being the "chief cook and bottle washer" it may take some years before I can edit this shipping policy) You get your Telbisz approved products when I cross the border. Could be a week, a month, or even more if I first have to cross with some wholesale orders, like I did in June..In Canada, the biobob family of products and others are available online, but not from us, rather just call me 9AM to 8PM EST, on my cell, and please text me, or better yet, FB message me under Telbisz van Dierendonck, if you don't like talking NO VOICEMAIL UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECCESSARY PLEASE1                                 I can also easily be found on What's App, and even Signal, although that is the worst option for immediate assistance.