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Experience soft quality, odor free absorbency and extreme durability ~ Big or small, our sudsy sizes offer safe cleaning for every task!

Our Story

Originally invented in Europe, made only in Canada since 1963.

Our raw materials are over 95% American made!

Won't get smelly or harden because biobobs DO NOT contain any wood (cellulose sponges are primarily wood)

biobobs have a bubbly walled micro-pore© texture that feels skin soft and holds water amazingly well.

You can now safely clean whatever you want ~ even yourself.

You'll find that biobobs actually improve with use!

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Our Featured Sponges


First Class Skin Care

Derma-luxe bubbly body Shower Mate

We put a hole in the corner so you can easily hang your Derma-Luxe to dry between showers. Best of all: our skin soft micro-pores won't over-exfoliate your skin. 

Vehicle Care

#10 Extra Large

This is the original, unadulterated car and truck washing behemoth. It  can hold a full liter of water; that's more than a quart for us old timers.


 For the Bathroom or Kitchen

#5 the cute one

Like all our enviro-ester bubbly collection (and we do mean ALL), it's skin soft yet the micro-pore structure means deep but gentle cleaning. 



   I Love these Sponges!

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They are so durable and never smell bad. They dry quickly and don't get crunchy like most sponges. The tub tuffy is great for cleaning my bathtub and kitchen sink using only baking soda! These are the only sponges I buy now.

Sarah Cook

   Amazing Products


I use them for EVERYTHING around the house.

Cheng Hui

The Sponge F​actory

About us

In 1950, Györgyi Telbisz escaped Soviet occupied Hungary in the bowels of a coal barge plying the Danube. After living as a refugee in Austria for 2 years she crossed the Atlantic and landed in Montreal. Györgyi Telbisz's entrepreneurial spirit chafed under the corporate climate which preceded the women’s movement and she realised that she would have to start a business of her own. She first started importing various products from Europe until one day a friend recommended she look at some incredible sponges that were being made in Germany. After testing and trying the samples, she convinced her husband, Balthazaar (Bill) van Dierendonck, that they should import these as yet unknown sponges.


Telbisz van Dierendonck


Teldonck and Sons started importing these totally unique “SOAKER®” sponges in the 1950’s. In 1963, after being informed that production in Europe was ceasing, the principals, Gyorgyi Telbisz and her husband Balthazaar (Bill) van Dierendonck, decided to purchase the formulation and machinery in order to produce these “SOAKER®” sponges in Canada. They bought an abandoned flax mill in North Lancaster, about an hour west of Montreal, and repurposed the building as living space and to produce sponges. By 1970, Bill was no longer involved with the manufacturing so on her own, Györgyi, changed the name to Polyad Industries Ltd/Ltee.

For almost 60 years this family business has been formulating enviro-ester® foam which has both a beneficial bio-cycle and works better and longer than any other type of sponge or micro-fiber material on the market.

In 2002, Györgyi (at the age of 83) drew back from the day to day operations. Her son, G. Telbisz – van Dierendonck, who had worked alongside her since early childhood, took over the reins. He had never liked the name “ SOAKER®” – felt it was too generic, plus, it wasn’t bilingual. His first attempt at changing the name: “eco-softy®” had the same problem (they were called eco-douce®” in French) so he and Wayne Forcier came up with “biobob®” which referred to the planetary benefits of the line, while using a trademark that could easily be pronounced in both of Canada’s official languages.

In his late teens, Telbisz had come up with the name Tub Tuffy®, for their ultra-density formula, back in the 70s and much later came the “non-stick Ned”, a more petite version. The original use for this “Industrial” formula was for floating cement and wet-sanding drywall joints. One day, he convinced his mother that others should reap the benefits of the offcuts they used themselves for cleaning bathtubs at home and that is how the Tub Tuffy was born.

Finally, in late 2017, a name that would describe both “baking soda buddies” easily: scrubob®.

The 21st Century demands not just environmental friendliness but an environmental consciousness. In that regard, we have perhaps been too far ahead of the curve, even today, some well-meaning environmentalists are so anti-plastic that they refuse to look at the full bio-cycle of our products. As a wise person once said “they aren’t making more land” the reduction of soap waste combined with the obvious benefits of our long lasting products makes the biobob choice easy. Combined with the bio-reusable features of our enviro-ester foam we can rest assured that what we purvey makes the world a better place.

We now see the need to marry brick and mortar to the Internet age.
This web page is just the courtship, the engagement is on the horizon and to all of you who are reading this: we hope you will be our guests.

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