bioBob sponges:

skin soft Gaia conscious quality, hand-crafted in Canada since 1963!

Alchemical transformation is how all our types of enviro-ester foam are fused; from dead dinosaurs into an array of planet friendly products! Continuos improvement is how you save soap, time and extreme quality, both of what we make and of any added products is how we think both humanity and all life forms are best served! Once we have fused our unique, bespoke and proprietary formulation - the rest if up to you, fellow humans. If you choose to take full advantage of the enviro-ester©
bio-cycle© that that returns all the raw materials we use back to the earth, whose bowels they came, from: then you have taken full advantage of this bioreusable© form of carbon.

Instead of hardening, like cellulose or falling apart, bioBobs actually improve with use and abuse!  Our exclusive micro-pore© structure cleans gently,
yet deeply, while maximizing the efficacy of any cleaning products so well, that we highly recommend extreme dilution which saves both money and time. biobobs don't get stiff when dry or smelly from the fungus and bacteria that like to grow on wood cellulose fibers. 

We are proudly Gaia Friendly and we strive to improve our product formats in order to maximize the usability of every size we produce. Sometimes, we think we have it right, yet even bespoke quality evolves with constant experimentation: eco sustainability was what our founder was all about, even though she just saw it as how to live since everything can be lost so easily. For her, it was about quality!

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#6RO - 'the round one'

Our best selling sponge, this handmade bioBob is suitable for all with its handy size and chamfered top. Can be used for just about any cleaning job and as with all our sponges they clean perfectly with just water; use less soap!

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Gaia friendly quality

This sign hangs proudly: right by our bioBobs and scrubobs in stores. It explains why we have persevered for so long and why we feel that the bio-cycle of a product is even more important than the original ingredients . . .  in our case, we use a proprietary artisanal formulation  to fuse dead dinosaurs (we buy it as honey like, thick polyester) and through the miracle of alchemy out comes enviro-ester foam. Instead of making disposal one use plastics we create a form of soft (or not so soft in the case of the scrubobs cleaning aids that has even been eaten by "the crazy sponge guy" - do not try this at home! Our raw materials, which are 95% American made.

Our polyester resin arrives looking, and acting, like honey: thick and gooey.  By the time it has fused with all the other ingredients, the only thing recognizable is the colouring, which is organic, although not necessarily vegetable based. The change in the original ingredients is so drastic that it has kept our formulation secret ~ even from the best lab technicians that our competition can muster. That is what gives our sponges their unique disabilities and long lasting quality that we have managed to maintain, right here, in Glengarry County, since 1963.